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Thanks for popping over to find out more about us (me)! my name is Corrie and I am the founder of recipegiftbook.com. I am also a mum, an enthusiastic cook and I live in beautiful mid-wales.

When we got married in 2010 we didn’t know what to do about a gift list, we had all the household goods we needed (and really didn’t want a second toaster!) We were mindful about the drain on the planet’s resources of unnecessary gifts and didn’t feel comfortable giving friends and relatives with a variety of budgets a list of consumer goods.

In the end we said 'no gifts' but due to our guests generosity we were showered with numerous gifts anyway! It made me think afterwards that if only we could have channelled their energies into something….. That is when I came up with the idea for ‘recipe gift book’, a unique, low cost but high value gift from all the guests!

Since launching my business in 2015 I have had a fantastic response from the wedding industry. We have been featured in a number of wedding magazines and blogs and we have even won a few awards! We have also received lovely feedback from couples who have used the service, some having said they were brought to tears (happy ones!) when they saw their book for the first time.

Creating a ‘recipe gift book’ is a great way to bring both families together in the run up to the wedding. It’s a unique recipe book and a wonderful way to celebrate a marriage. It’s the ultimate personalised wedding gift from all of the guests and something the bride and groom will cherish, long after their wedding day.

If you want to set up your own recipe book, just register today for free! 


Corrie x

Why choose recipegiftbook.com?

  • The finished recipe book is a gift for the bride and groom., which doesn't cost them a thing.      Guests just pay £4.99 to submit a page.
  • Registration is easy and adding recipes online is simple and fun.
  • Once the recipe book is completed the bride and groom can buy additional copies or allow their guests to purchase a copy of the finished book.
  • If the bride and groom are setting up home and would also like vouchers, this can be added on registration.
  • We will keep track of who has added a recipe and email the bride and groom to let them know who has taken part. The guests will also get an email thanking them for collaborating towards the bride and grooms special wedding gift.
  • When complete, the bride and groom will receive a unique hardback book, wrapped in an attractive gift box.

We are certain you will be delighted with your unique recipe book brought to you by your family and friends; an individual way to commemorate your special day and a beautiful heirloom to treasure and pass down to future generations.

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