/This DIY Choco Taco Is Better Than the Original (There, We Said it!)
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This DIY Choco Taco Is Better Than the Original (There, We Said it!)

Copycat choco tacos on a tray.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Did you hear? The beloved Klondike Choco Taco was recently discontinued. That’s bad news for everyone that feels the nostalgic value of this frozen treat! 

In case you’ve never indulged in a Choco Taco, it’s vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge ripples stuffed into a sugar cone that looks like a taco shell. The edges are covered with melted chocolate and a sprinkle of chopped peanuts. It’s what childhood dreams are made of.

While you may not be able to find Choco Tacos at your local convenience store anymore, you can easily make it at home. Make a bunch—this recipe makes about 14 small treats—and freeze them individually wrapped in aluminum foil for an easy grab-and-go frozen snack for kids and kid-like adults in your life.

Copycat choco tacos on a tray.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Let’s Taco About Making Your Own Shells

Making your own taco-shaped waffle shells is easier than you think. All you need is a waffle cone maker, paper towels, and a 1-inch-thick book. Mix up a quick and easy sugar cone batter, simply cook it until golden, and fold it over the spine of the book into the shape of a taco. That’s it!

This recipe calls for a waffle cone maker or iron. Unlike a classic waffle iron, it has very shallow grids to make light and crispy shells, not big fluffy waffles. If you have a pizzelle maker, that will work as well! Since machine settings vary, make a test batch to find the right temperature to get the shells evenly golden brown.

Make the Waffle Shells in Advance

The waffle shells are best used the same day, but can be made up to 3 days in advance and stored in an airtight container or reusable zip top bag. To maintain their crispy texture, cool them fully before storing.

Ideas for Fun Variations

  • Sure, it’s called a taco, but you can shape the waffle shell into a traditional cone or even a bowl. 
  • Fill the shells with chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream.
  • Smear a layer of peanut butter on the shell before adding the ice cream.
  • Swap out chopped peanuts for sprinkles!
Copycat choco tacos on a tray.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

More Nostalgic Treats

Prepare the ice cream:

Add the vanilla ice cream in a 9×5-inch loaf pan. Dollop the fudge sauce on top. Use a butter knife or chopstick to swirl and distribute the fudge in the ice cream. You can do this in a medium bowl instead. Cover with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer while you make the waffle shells.

Vanilla ice cream in a loaf pan.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge swirled in.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Preheat the waffle cone maker to medium heat.

Lightly grease the grates with vegetable oil. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set it aside.

Make the batter:

In a medium bowl, whisk the egg, egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and salt until light and foamy. Add the flour, butter, and milk, and whisk until smooth and free of lumps. The batter will create “ribbons” when it falls off the whisk onto itself.

Whisk wet ingredients in a medium bowl.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Whisk flour and milk into the batter.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Batter drizzled on itself creates ribbons.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Cook the waffle shells:

Drop 1 tablespoon of batter in the center of the preheated waffle cone maker. Close the lid and cook until golden brown, 45 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your machine’s setting.

Set a clean paper towel on the counter next to the waffle maker. Carefully lift the shell and place it on top of the paper towel.

Pour 1 tablespoon batter into waffle cone maker.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Waffle on top of paper towel.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Shape the shells:

Place the spine of a 1-inch-thick book in the center of the hot waffle shell and use the paper towel to wrap the shell around the book. Hold for 1 minute so that it cools into the shape of a taco. 

Set the formed shell aside on the prepared baking sheet and make the remaining shells—you’ll get about 18 (4-inch) shells.

Place book spine-side down on top of the waffle shell.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Use paper towel to wrap waffle shell around the book.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Taco-shaped waffle shell.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Fill the shells:

Remove the ice cream from the freezer and stir it to soften slightly. Use a spoon to fill each shell with about 3 tablespoons of ice cream. Place the filled shells back on the baking sheet and pop them into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes.

Taco shell filled with ice cream.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Meanwhile, make the chocolate coating: 

Add the chocolate chips into a medium microwave-safe bowl. Microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval until melted. Stir in the coconut oil.

Melted chocolate with coconut oil and chopped peanuts in a bowl.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Dip the shells in the chocolate:

Remove the filled shells from the freezer. Dip the outer edges in the melted chocolate and immediately sprinkle the chocolate with chopped peanuts.

Return the homemade Choco Tacos into the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes, until the ice cream and chocolate hardens. Enjoy them frozen!

Wrap leftovers individually with foil and pop them into a freezer-safe zip top bag for up to 6 months in the freezer.

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Dip edges of shell with melted chocolate.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Sprinkle chopped peanuts on top of the melted chocolate.
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva
Copycat choco tacos on tray
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva