/I am a Sommelier and I Recommend This $5 Trader Joe’s Wine for Summer
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I am a Sommelier and I Recommend This $5 Trader Joe’s Wine for Summer

Trader Joe's Wine Shop Store Front
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The wine selection at Trader Joe’s is expansive, and just like their other products, it changes seasonally. It was just a few weeks ago that their summer wines were released. While several gems can be found in the line-up, one true standout exists. And the best part is, this wine can be yours for under $5.

Espiral Vinho Verde / Gaia, Portugal / Non-Vintage / 9% ABV

Not sure what all that means? Allow me to break it down for you. 

First off, if you’ve yet to taste a Vinho Verde, prepare yourself for a real treat! This wine seemingly dances on your tongue. It is unapologetically bright and intensely refreshing, with the slightest fizz—the bubbles are akin to sparkling water and not as aggressive as those of champagne. This light effervescence keeps inviting you back for another sip. Think crisp green apple and plump Meyer lemons, swollen with sweet juice!  

TJ's Espiral Vinho Verde
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Vinho Verde hails from northern Portugal and translates to “green wine,” referring to the wine’s youthful character rather than the color of its bottle—the green glass of this tall, slender bottle is easy to spot on a stacked TJ’s shelf! The juice inside is gorgeously golden, like soft morning sunlight. Because this wine is high in acid, you will enjoy it most when served icy cold. This along with its low alcohol content make it the perfect daytime sipper under the summer sun. 

You may notice there is no year or vintage on this bottle of wine. Non-vintage means the grapes were not grown in a singular year—each time with its own unique characteristics—but rather the wine is made to have a consistent and dependable flavor from year to year. 

Added bonus? The screw cap makes this bottle super easy to pack for picnics, perhaps to be served with Greek Pasta Salad, or a backyard BBQ to accompany Grilled Pork Chops with Adobo Paste. And at less than $5 a bottle, filling your cooler is easier than filling your gas tank!