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Egg Free Recipes

Eggs have always been a budget staple in my house, but in this economy? 😅 With the price of eggs increasing every day, I’m having to replace some of my usual go-to egg-heavy meals with eggless recipes. And since I know this egg-tastrophy is hitting everyone hard, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite egg-free Budget Bytes recipes to help make the shift a little less painful for everyone. So if you’re an egg lover like me and you need some satisfying alternatives until those egg prices come back down, hopefully, these egg-free recipe ideas will help!

And if this doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can always peruse our entire egg-free recipe library!

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Egg-free Breakfast Ideas

I could happily eat eggs for breakfast every single day, but not at these prices! My usual eggstravaganza breakfast will have to wait. Here is what I’m enjoying for breakfast lately, instead of my favorite scrambles, omelets, and frittatas.

Homemade Granola

Overhead view of homemade granola in a glass storage container.

Homemade granola is easy, inexpensive, and endlessly customizable. Use your favorite mix of nuts, seeds, and spices to make it your own.

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$5.87 recipe / $0.49 serving
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Homemade Granola – This homemade granola is really inexpensive, easy to make, versatile, and if you top it with some yogurt you’ve got a really filling breakfast, sans-egg!

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Overhead view of a bowl of apple pie overnight oats.

These Apple Pie Overnight Oats are an easy and delicious make-ahead breakfast with no added sugar that you can enjoy either hot or cold.

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$2.26 recipe / $0.57 serving
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Overnight Oats – Overnight oats (any flavor) are another great easy breakfast option without eggs. You can toss in whatever fruit or nuts you have, or add some yogurt for extra protein!

Country Sausage Gravy

Side view of biscuits and gravy on a plate with eggs

Make this easy Country Sausage Gravy from scratch in under 20 minutes for a hearty southern style breakfast at home.

4.91 from 10 votes

$2.53 recipe / $0.63 serving
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Country Sausage Gravy – I know I have these *pictured* with eggs, but you don’t need any eggs to make the gravy and you certainly don’t have to serve it with eggs on the side! Make some homemade biscuits and bacon to go along with your gravy and you’re set!

Lemon Berry Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

A half stirred Lemon Berry Yogurt Breakfast Bowl with a cut lemon and some strawberries near by.

Creamy yogurt and bright, citrusy lemon curd make a dreamy base for these Lemon Berry Yogurt Breakfast bowls. A few oats, chia seeds and berries make it complete.

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Yogurt Bowls – Top a bowl of yogurt with just about any fruit, nut, seed, grain, or a dollop of jam or jelly. (The version pictured does have lemon curd, which contains eggs, but you can replace it with any flavor of jam, jelly, or preserves.)

Ham and Cheese Biscuits

These Ham and Cheese Biscuits are a super indulgent, yet super easy treat for your weekend breakfast or to serve guests. BudgetBytes.com

These Ham and Cheese Biscuits are a super indulgent, yet super easy treat for your weekend breakfast or to serve guests. 

4.46 from 11 votes

$4.80 recipe / $0.80 each
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Ham and Cheese Biscuits – It’s just like your favorite breakfast sandwich, minus the egg! Still totally hearty, delish, and the perfect handheld meal for on-the-go.

Chocolate Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

overhead view of two glasses full of chocolate coffee breakfast smoothie with straws

This Chocolate Coffee Breakfast Smoothie is a dessert-worthy treat and a sneaky way to add an extra dose of vegetables to your day.

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$0.84 each
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Smoothies – Smoothies are a great egg-free breakfast option. I love the chocolate coffee flavor linked above (it tastes like a Wendy’s frosty!), but there are so many options when it comes to smoothies. 🙂

Savory Oatmeal

overhead view of a bowl full of savory oatmeal with ingredients on the sides

Savory oatmeal is a delicious, hearty, and inexpensive meal that can be customized to use ingredients you have on hand.

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$1.25 recipe
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Savory Oatmeal – For all my savory breakfast lovers out there, you’ve got to try savory oats! Load ’em up with veggies and other umami-filled ingredients and you won’t even miss your morning eggs. Promise! (And when egg prices come back down, you can add one to your bowl.)

Blueberry Almond Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl

Cottage cheese, blueberries, sliced almonds, and honey in a glass meal prep container

Creamy cottage cheese, juicy blueberries, crunchy almonds, and a little drizzle of honey make a breakfast bowl that tastes surprisingly like blueberry cheesecake!

4.97 from 30 votes

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Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls – Cottage cheese also makes a really great base for a breakfast bowl and there are so many topping options! Head over to the blog post to see this blueberry almond version, plus five other flavor combos!

Egg-Free Baked Goods

Baked goods like cakes, cupcakes, scones, and muffins often use eggs to help keep the crumb sturdy, but eggs aren’t always necessary. Here are a few of our favorite egg-free baked goods for you to enjoy until those egg prices come back down!

Cranberry Orange Cream Scones

A hand taking one Cranberry Orange Cream Scone from the batch on a cooling rack.

These incredibly easy cranberry orange cream scones stir together in minutes and make the most delicious little companion for your morning coffee.

4.97 from 30 votes

$1.94 recipe / $0.11 each
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Cranberry Orange Cream Scones – These tender two-bite scones use the magic of heavy cream to keep the crumb soft and rich without using any egg in the process. They’re easy and absolutely irresistible!

Easy Soda Bread

Overhead shot of baked easy soda bread sliced and buttered on parchment.

This Easy Soda Bread recipe is budget-friendly, and endlessly adaptable. It’s also a stone-cold stunner. It got props from Gordon Ramsay!

4.91 from 11 votes

$0.66 recipe / $0.08 serving
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Easy Soda Bread – This super simple bread is a fool-proof homemade bread for beginners. Just a few ingredients (and NO eggs), makes you a really hearty loaf that’s perfect for slathering with butter and jam, or dipping into your favorite soup.

Cheddar Drop Biscuits

Cheddar drop biscuits on a wire cooling rack against a blue background

These rich, fluffy, and cheesy Cheddar Drop Biscuits are as easy as it gets when it comes to homemade biscuits.

4.91 from 20 votes

$3.15 recipe / $0.26 each
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Cheddar Drop Biscuits – These super easy biscuits make the perfect side for any dinner. They’re savory, rich, and soooo buttery!

Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake

Overhead view of a spoon dug into a Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake

This Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake is the perfect way to get a single serving cinnamon roll fix without any kneading, rising, rolling, or baking! 

4.80 from 50 votes

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Cinnamon Nut Swirl Mug Cake – It’s like a single-serving cinnamon roll, but made in a mug! And in the microwave! …Without any eggs!

Chocolate Depression Cake (No Eggs, Butter, or Milk)

One slice of chocolate depression cake or "crazy cake" viewed from the side, a glass of milk in the background

This unique Chocolate Cake recipe, popularized during the great depression, is rich and chocolatey without the using any eggs, butter, or milk!

4.87 from 74 votes

$2.41 recipe / $0.27 serving
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Chocolate Depression Cake – Eggs were also really expensive during the Great Depression, so people made this super simple chocolate cake that is still moist and delicious even without using any eggs (or dairy)!

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Close up of two sweet potato biscuits on a plate, one open, smeared with butter, and drizzled with maple syrup

Sweet Potato Biscuits are a unique and subtly sweet twist on a classic, the perfect fall touch for your weekend brunch or Thanksgiving dinner!

4.79 from 19 votes

$3.06 recipe / $0.31 each
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Sweet Potato Biscuits – This really fun spin on biscuits uses mashed sweet potato to give the biscuits extra moisture, flavor, and a really fun orange color! …And not an egg in sight!

Egg-Free Dessert Recipes

A lot of desserts tend to use eggs as well because that glorious yolk provides a lot of richness. But there are still plenty of eggless options when it comes to curing your sweet tooth. Here are some of our favorite egg-free desserts.

Rice Krispie Treats

Stacked rice krispie treats

Sweet and fluffy marshmallows, creamy butter, and crispy rice cereal make these homemade rice krispie treats melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

4.78 from 9 votes

$2.30 recipe / $0.26 serving
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Rice Krispie Treats – Rice krispie treats are one of the easiest desserts you’ll ever make, and they’re plenty rich, even without eggs, thanks to a generous helping of butter.

Easy Lemon Cream Pie

Overhead view of a sliced lemon cream pie with lemons on the sides

This sweet and creamy cloud-like lemon cream pie is an easy summer dessert that can be made completely no-bake, if needed.

4.94 from 16 votes

$4.26 recipe / $0.53 per slice
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Lemon Cream Pie – This deliciously light and fluffy lemon cream pie is another deceptively simple dessert that requires only a few simple ingredients, none of which are eggs. 😉

No Bake Pretzel Peanut Butter Bars

front view of no bake pretzel peanut butter bars lined up in a grid

These no-bake pretzel peanut butter bars are a ridiculously simple homemade version of your favorite peanut butter cups!

4.91 from 21 votes

$3.94 recipe / 0.16 per square
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Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars – These addictive little bars have a super rich base (thanks to peanut butter), a sweet chocolate topping, and then the perfect little salty crunch to balance it all out. DIVINE.

Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

A hand holding a stack of raspberry oatmeal bars close to the camera

These easy Raspberry Oatmeal bars are a fast fix for your sweet tooth and they only require a few pantry staples plus your favorite jam!

4.72 from 28 votes

$2.86 recipe / $0.32 serving
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Raspberry Oatmeal Bars – If you need a quick sweet-tooth-fix, you probably already have the ingredients for these oatmeal bars in your fridge! The jam acts as the “glue” that holds the bars together, so no egg needed!

Easy Apple Crisp

Apple crisp in a bowl topped with vanilla ice cream

This Easy Apple Crisp is a simple dessert that is warm, cozy, and sweet. It’s the perfect dessert for chilly fall evenings.

4.88 from 8 votes

$2.48 recipe / $0.41 serving
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Apple Crisp – Apple crisp, or any fruit crisp are really simple desserts that require no eggs. It’s just lightly seasoned fruit baked down until it’s soft and delicious, topped with a sweet, crispy, and buttery crumble topping. So easy!

Egg-Free Dinner Ideas

There are TONS of dinner recipes that don’t require eggs, so you can peruse our Egg-Free Category page to see the full library of recipes. But I’ll highlight just a few of my favorites for you here!

Creamy White Chicken Chili

Overhead view of a bowl of creamy white chicken chili with toppings and a spoon.

This creamy White Chicken Chili is easy and extra cozy for those cold fall and winter nights. The leftovers are great, too!

5 from 11 votes

$12.81 recipe / $1.60 serving
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Creamy White Chicken Chili – This chili is so rich and delicious that it will make you forget all of your egg woes (and maybe all the other problems in the world).

Sloppy Joes

A sloppy joe on a plate with potato chips.

Ground beef in a tangy sauce piled onto a soft bun, homemade Sloppy Joes are an easy, classic American weeknight dinner.

4.80 from 10 votes

$10.20 recipe / $2.04 serving
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Sloppy Joes – Sloppy joes are such a quick classic! Bonus, you can sub half the beef for lentils to make them even more budget-friendly (see Sloppy Joes Plus for instructions).

One Pot Chicken and Rice

Close up of chicken being scooped out of the skillet.

This hearty and delicious chicken and rice combines rich and flavorful rice with well seasoned chicken or an easy one pot meal.

4.90 from 39 votes

$5.82 recipe / $1.46 serving
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One Pot Chicken and Rice – You’ll never make plain rice as a side dish for dinner again after you try cooking it together in the pot with juicy chicken thighs and a hefty dose of herbs and spices.

Cheesy Pinto Beans

Overhead view of a bowl of cheesy pinto beans over rice.

Cheesy Pinto Beans are a quick and satisfying meal made with simple pantry staple ingredients, like canned beans.

4.88 from 40 votes

$2.96 recipe / $0.74 serving
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Cheesy Pinto Beans – If you’re looking for something easy, and I mean EASY, these cheesy pinto beans are it. Cheddar cheese adds all the richness you’d normally get from egg yolks and the beans & rice combo will take care of all your protein needs.

Sheet Pan Kielbasa Potatoes and Green Beans

Sheet pan roasted kielbasa potatoes and green beans with a spatula

Sheet pan meals don’t get any easier or more delicious than this Sheet Pan Kielbasa Potatoes and Green Beans dinner.

4.86 from 41 votes

$9.47 recipe / $2.37 serving
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Sheet Pan Kielbasa, Potatoes, and Green Beans – This is probably the easiest sheet pan meal I’ve ever made, and one of my favorites (flavor-wise). It’s just too simple and too good to miss!

Cheese Enchiladas

Close up of enchiladas being scooped out of the casserole dish

Cheese enchiladas are a simple and delicious comfort food that never disappoints. These enchiladas are extra creamy and full of flavor! 

4.91 from 10 votes

$5.97 recipe / $1.49 serving
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Cheese Enchiladas – Melting cheese in a tortilla was my go-to snack when I was growing up (…okay, maybe still to this day), so these cheese enchiladas are like an elevated meal-worthy version of that simple snack! So good!

What Recipes have you been leaning on lately to replace your recipes with eggs? Let us know in the comments!

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