How It Works

Creating a personalised celebration recipe book is easy,
just register online and let your friends and family do the rest.

If you are a participant wishing to submit a recipe, please click here for more information.

Here is our step by step guide:



You can choose from six pre-designed recipe book themes (Traditional, Classic, Modern, Retro, Contemporary and Creative).

Then its time to have some fun and decide on a title for the recipe book!



Registering is free, just enter your details.

We recommend registering at least 8 weeks before the celebration.



Share the website address, your unique code and closing date with participants.
Invite friends and family via text, email, messenger or set up a secret WhatsApp group, It's up to you!



Sit back and relax as participants add their recipes, photos and personal messages.

You will receive a notification email every time someone adds a recipe!

The participants pay $8.99 to add their page to the book.



Once the closing date has passed you will be able to review and edit the recipe book.

You can also add up to three recipe pages of your own for free.

Your book will take 7 - 10 days to be printed and delivered to your door.


Whether it's your book or a gift for someone special, we know you will enjoy browsing through this unique personalised recipe book, a collaborative gift from family and friends.

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