Top Ten Tips for planning a wedding on a budget

Written by on 18th January, 2017


They say that the average wedding costs £25,000 but I believe that you can have a dream wedding without spending this much money or getting in to debt. Here are just 10 ideas to help you cut down costs whilst still having a wonderful wedding day to remember.


1. Planning

When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it’s important to plan ahead. Write down all the details that need to be organised and list all the things that you will need to make then go through them step by step. The sooner you get started the less “last-minute stress” you will have and the more time you will have to find items on sale, get discounts and research other budget busting ideas.


2. Cut down your guest list

Although you might be tempted to throw everyone you know on your guest list, that isn’t always a great idea. With each addition you make, you’re adding additional costs while also making your wedding less intimate. Try putting your guests into categories A or B. The As are the absolute must-invites, and likely include your family and closest friends. The B list is for all of those remaining. Now work through your B list by asking yourself some questions: How close are you with this person? When was the last time you saw or spoke to this person? Would having him or her there on your wedding day really make or break your enjoyment? Based on your answers, you should be able to significantly reduce your overall list.


3.  Make your own invitations.

With a quality home printer, some time and a bit of creativity, you can make very classy invitations on your own. You can pick up some simple blank card kits from your local high street and decorate them yourself using pinterest for inspiration. If you are not feeling crafty you could use a website like who provide lowcost wedding invitations that you can customise and order from the comfort of your home.


4. Choose your date carefully

The venue usually creates the biggest dent in your budget but if you pick an unpopular day like a Friday or Sunday you can cut the cost of the reception venue by half. Choosing a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday would reduce the cost even more which could mean fewer guests able to attend which is perhaps another way to keep costs down! Getting married out of season will reduce costs further and by setting a date in January or February you can make great savings. Out of season discounts are often available for photographers, florists and ceremonies too.


5. Ask your guests for talents not presents

Why not ask your friends and family to give you help instead of a giving you a wedding gift. So many couples have already set up home and don’t actually need new toasters and towels and it’s a great way to find out if you have friends with hidden talents! It will also enable them to give you something really memorable as a gift and involve people in your wedding day. Make a list of what you need and find out if you have a talented baker in the family or a keen photographer, maybe you have a friend who is a DJ? Is your Aunty a florist in the making, maybe you have a friend who could do hair and makeup, do you know anyone who has a fancy car that could drive you to the wedding? Your friends and family will enjoy being a part of your day and it can help make it a day to remember.


6. Get an amazing dress for less

It’s always a good idea to head out to the bridal shops and try on a few dresses; Its one of the fun parts of wedding planning and it’s a great way to find out which style suits you. You may even find a bargain in the sales or reductions on last years range but if not there are some great second hand dress sites which offer beautiful gowns for a fraction of the price. Check out ebay, sellmyweddingdress, preloved and confetti to find great discounts on ‘worn once’ wedding dresses.


7. Cheap Chips and Bargain Buffets

Food is where many couples go over-budget, especially if you go for a sit-down meal. One way to save money is to have the ceremony later, followed by one big meal, buffet, hog roast or fish and chips rather than the standard two meals. You could decide to do the catering yourself and go to your local M&S or Waitrose for nibbles and platters. Alternatively you could ask each of your guests to bring a dish of food which is also known as a ‘potluck wedding’.


8. Skip buying gifts for the wedding party

You could spend a fortune buying thank you gifts for bridesmaids, mother in laws, best men, bridesmaids when actually these people who are your nearest and dearest will most likely just be happy to be a part of your day.


9. Decorate Creatively

Hopefully you have enlisted your Aunty (the florist in the making) to do your wedding flowers who will also be able to create some great table decorations. Ask all your friends to dig out their ‘white’ christmas lights which you can borrow and hang on the ceiling and around tables. Save money on seat covers and buy some inexpensive ribbon to decorate chairs. Balloons are a great way to fill a space and bring some colour into a room.


10. Save on Hen and stag do’s

Whilst Hen do’s and Stag nights are traditional they can cost a fortune for you and your friends, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your last days of freedom without breaking the bank! Consider staying local, having a spa day or special meal out or a even VIP night in with your special friends.


So that’s it, just a few ideas to get you started! You really can have the wedding of your dreams you just need to plan ahead and get creative.




Corrie x


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