The reason I have decided to write a blog

Written by on 7th December, 2016


The reason I have decided to write a blog - and some of the reasons why I didn’t!


When I launched my website a year ago I decided I was going to write a regular blog but a year has passed and I haven’t written a thing….oops!


I was trying to think about what has stopped me and this is what I came up with….


1. I didn’t know anything about blogging

this is still a little bit true but I am now a regular reader of some excellent blogs so at least I now have experience of being on the other end and have an idea of what readers might be interested in.


2. I didn’t have time to blog

last year I had just launched my business, I was learning about maintaining websites, marketing, going to wedding fairs and I think it just dropped down my priority list. Now I feel I have found my business groove and I am ready to make space for something new.


3.  I wasn’t sure what I would write about

I spent a long time wondering what I would blog about? I didn’t think I had any amazing stories to tell but then I realised that It’s not all about amazing stories its about sharing experiences, passing on knowledge and writing about stuff that may inspire or inform.


4. I am not very good at writing

not a good start for a wannabe blogger!


5. I wondered who on earth would read my blog?!

If you have got this far and are still reading…yipeee! result! For those who know me, I am a bit of a shy bird and I realised that to write a blog I would be putting myself out there for all to view! It was a bit of a scary thought.


Anyway after much deliberation and procrastination these are the reasons why I am going write my blog:


What made me put pen to paper


1. I am looking for a new healthy habit

I am not a gym goer or a jogger in fact the only running I do is chasing after my toddler but I believe that writing a regular blog may exercise my brain as well as requiring some commitment, devotion, and discipline all of which are good things to embrace.


2. I hope to become a better writer

I didn’t get amazing grades in English and my writing has never been very fluid (too many long sentences as you will no doubt find) but I am hoping it will help me improve my writing skills and I will get better at communicating through words.


3. I want to become a better thinker

I am hoping the process of writing will enable me to put my ideas on paper and the blogging process will help me delve a little deeper into my thoughts and make me think about the things that I feel most passionate about.


4. I want to share interesting stuff with you

I won’t be writing about every event, every thought, and every happening in my life but I am planning to write about stuff that I have come across and find interesting, things that I hope you will find interesting too!


5. I hope to inspire others

I am hoping that some of the things I write about may inspire the people who read my blog, It will just be my thoughts, my ideas and notions and a few opinions thrown in but you may come across a gem or two!


So that’s it, I have started!


Hopefully my next blog will be a bit more interesting!!


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Corrie x


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